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PDF Compressor (1 year license) - Compress PDF Files & Reduce PDF File Size Easily

by PDFCompressor.net

  • There are lots of scanned PDF files need to be copied, transferred or exchanged often on the Internet. However, scanned PDF documents are made from images and the file sizes are very large. It is not easy to send emails with large PDF attachments.
  • PDF Compressor is a Windows utility that compresses scanned PDF files and reduces PDF file size from 30 MB to only 8 MB (Compression Ratio: 23%) fast and easily. This tool allows users to change the compressing value to get a better compression result and content quality. Also, the program supports batch mode and lets users compress hundreds of PDF documents at a time. 
  • PDF Compressor can save the compressed PDF documents to original PDF folder without overwriting original PDF files. But if you like, it can also output compressed files to a specified folder path. 
  • The program automatically removes the restriction from protected PDF files.

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malwarebytes does not like this program (pups) but it must be false +
dio commented on 02/16/2017 18:11 Reply
Doesn't compress PDF files very well.... Ran a test of 50 in one folder and about 40% of the files were larger after being "compressed". No option found (or at least easy to spot) for just compressing the original file and not creating duplicate files with the name "compressed" in them. Not very impressed.
Bernd commented on 02/16/2017 16:29 Reply
jsilva commented on 02/16/2017 13:56 Reply
I Need help in german. French is possible too. I don't know, if I can trust. my English is bad
lucidus.bern@bluewin.ch commented on 02/16/2017 11:02 Reply
why not contact in german. my english is bad. I don't trust
lucidus.bern@bluewin.ch commented on 02/16/2017 11:01 Reply
Ion Duma commented on 02/15/2017 17:02 Reply
pedia commented on 02/15/2017 16:23 Reply
to smacher:DD askdasodasijsaifihfash
pedia commented on 02/15/2017 16:21 Reply
esta pajina es genial y super buena
dyllan commented on 02/15/2017 07:59 Reply
dyllan commented on 02/15/2017 07:57 Reply
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