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Animated Screensaver Maker 4.3.8 (lifetime license)

by DesktopPaints.com

  • DesktopPaints Animated Screensaver Maker is a powerful desktop solution that gives you a rich toolset for animation design and screensaver building.
  • Flexible and easy-to-use tools now let you create animated screensavers in an entirely new way.
  • As opposed to old-fashioned slideshow screensaver builders, with Animated Screensaver Maker you are able to turn your photos into live animated scenes with fire, water, or optical effects and then enliven them with flaring lightings, pouring rain, falling leaves and may other options.
  • You can also import your own animated gif files. Then you can save the result as a screensaver in one click and easily share it with your friends and family.
  • File size: 22.8 MB

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nice porgram

raad askar commented on 05/17/2017 17:05 Reply
lichen commented on 05/17/2017 14:38 Reply
Thanks for the nice giveaway.
Best regards
mishasin commented on 05/17/2017 02:39 Reply
As I wrote, it had (maybe (?)) some problem to connect to the activation server. Now I started it again (as "user") - and all is OK - it is licensed to Giveaway Club (NOT to the server from 27.2. - as before ...).

Thanks for Your answers and care. :-) .

Vlajano commented on 05/16/2017 20:25 Reply
Download and install are OK. But I had this soft from another Giveaway (27.2.2017, ver. 4.3.6.). After uninstall that and install this 4.3.8., then it says I cannot make this upgrade, because lic_key is not right (I think that it remembers old one). I click "register ...", paste the new lic_key - and it is "as" OK. But after close and start this app. - it says again - lic_key is from 27.2.2017 - cannot upgrade. :-((
I think it did not connect to the activation server (?).
What make whith it - can You help ??
Vlajano commented on 05/16/2017 19:27 Reply
The program should accept new key. Try to run the program as Administrator and check if you antivirus / firewall does not block the internet connection for the program
DesktopPaints commented on 05/16/2017 19:56
I cannot activate it - or anything else - therefore many DNS servers "DID NOT FIND" ??!!.
Something wrong is on the internet. :-(((
Vlajano commented on 05/16/2017 15:38 Reply
Hi, please try again, just tested - all works and downloads the software fine
Giveaway club team commented on 05/16/2017 16:08
An excellent program to create a screensaver. My Animation created by dp Animation Maker which is the same program as Animation screensaver Maker, but the output is video
Video animation:
Milan Cisak commented on 05/16/2017 13:42 Reply
Windows cannot access file. You may not have the necessary permission

Offer says file is 22.8MB. Downloaded file only 7.0MB
Dave Paterson commented on 05/16/2017 13:20 Reply
Hi, thanks for your comment. The size of a Downloader is 7 MB, during the launch of a downloader - the software of 22.8 MB will be downloaded to your PC from our server into the selected folder, just tested, works well. Please try to run the downloader file as administrator to initiate the download of the giveaway software. If you still have issues please let us know via contact us form
Giveaway club team commented on 05/16/2017 16:11
Though playing around with it can be very funny it is no toy.
Handling is simple on the first look but if you want to archieve professional results you must spend much more time, it can handle very complex operations if you can.
I would call it semi-professional.

All the operations are calculated in realtime by your CPU and GPU. and therefore the created screensavers are hardware-dependant and the framerate is limited by the calculation power of the computer system.

At the moment there are 3 different products (Animated Screensaver Maker, Animated Wallpaper Maker, DP Animation Maker) that do all the same and are differing only in the way they can output the results.
I wish that there would be only one all in one product instead that can save to all the file formats (animation, screensaver, GIF, video) all from the same program.

I like it.
I do not know any compareable product. Is there any?
Hand Ricks commented on 05/16/2017 09:35 Reply
An excellent program to create a screensaver. Easy create screensaver.

[+] Pros

Insert audio file, musik and gif animations
Custom background (photo)
standart animation library: animated object and brushes, airbrushes, text
Different effects

[-] Cons

Only in English

MIlan reviewed the product on 05/16/2017 13:57
very good and simple.

[+] Pros

it does what he is supposed to do.

[-] Cons

for now, none

victorio reviewed the product on 11/29/2016 00:34