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Reallusion iClone 5.51 Standard (lifetime license) - Real-time 3D Animation

by Reallusion

  • iClone5 is a real-time 3D animation tool with digital actors, environments, visual effects, drag & drop editing, powerful physics and Microsoft Kinect-ready motion capture; designed for rapid production, creative education and cost-effective pre-visualization.
  • Intuitive user interface and in-screen editing.
  • Just-in-time animations for studios and live TV productions.
  • Real-time creativity for live-action previzualization.

*Attention: installer link will be sent in email after you register at the landing page, as download size is about 474MB.

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Meet the Developer

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Reallusion is a leader in the development of 3D cinematic animation tools for consumers, students and professionals. Recognized as an industry pioneer, the company provides consumers with easy-to-use avatar animation, facial morphing and voice lip-sync solutions for real-time 3D filmmaking and previsualization for professional post-production.

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There is NO dload link in my key email received. Same as Web display-NONE.
frustra commented on 04/14/2017 05:09 Reply
Hi, after pressing 'Get it now for free' you will see a page where landing page for getting iClone 5 license key and download files will be featured: https://www.reallusion.com/event/iClone5std/giveawayclub.aspx Please register or login, see the license key and download links, also sent to your email address. Please read instructions in PDF that is loaded automatically to your PC after pressing the orange button.Thanks!
Giveaway club team commented on 04/14/2017 07:53
How download from vendor site after setup.exe fail like everybody -NO Version 5 download link visible after registering and receiving key. WHERE?
frustra commented on 04/14/2017 05:07 Reply
no key and insstal virus :)

Sam El ۦۦ commented on 04/13/2017 18:43 Reply
Hi, there is no virus, it is false positive alert. Please register at the landing page of Reallusion for this campaign https://www.reallusion.com/event/iClone5std/giveawayclub.aspx and get download links and license key in email as well as in browser. This link is dispayed right after you press 'Get it now for free' button at afterdownload page. Thank you
Giveaway club team commented on 04/14/2017 07:56
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Giveaway club team commented on 04/13/2017 10:01 Reply
Very nice giveaway from EaseUS! My Easter egg gave me Todo PCTransfer for free.
odiham commented on 04/14/2017 21:08
With the Link Postet Below everythink works real fine! Link here is defintly a non workin installer!
Swigger commented on 10/10/2016 22:08 Reply
I'm not sure why everyone is having a problem, I've got Windows 10, AMD 64 and had no problem. Simply go to the website with the link that is displayed in "get activation key" enter your info and you will get an email with a code and another download link. Simply redownload and enter key code. It worked for me, good luck.
myteagle commented on 10/10/2016 21:30 Reply
Because of the win 10 fails mentioned in these comments, I decided to install on Win 10 Pro pre-anniversary and post anniversary editions. It installed, as did the resource pack and the four bonus packs. Great piece of software - did some animation on a video of a cat that owns me (don't say it!!) and that cat will never be the same again! Thanx for the offer.
Kyle commented on 10/10/2016 16:49 Reply
You need to download the software directly from the website. The download here is corrupt.
blah commented on 10/10/2016 14:36 Reply
Downloaded as intructed - the 3 downloadlinks 1 - 2 - 3.
When I want to start : 'iClone 5 AP doesn't work anymore' ??
Windows 10 - Pro
Stealth commented on 10/10/2016 14:04 Reply
On windows 10 64 bit pro it works pefrectly!

Downloaded and register from giveaway-club.


Aggelos Tribez commented on 10/10/2016 12:11 Reply
Error Code: -5001 : 0x80070002
Error Information:
>SetupNew\setup.cpp (142)
@Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 0 (9200)
IE Version: 9.11.10586.0
Walter McGhee commented on 10/10/2016 07:02 Reply
I haven't heard of anyone who got this one working - so it doesn't seem to be a genuine offer.
I have Windows 10 x64 AMD, and got the following. If I try to report the error the reporter crashes.
Real pity, because it looks like a program that could be genuinely enjoyable. Doesn't make me want to pay for version 6..

An error (-5001 : 0x80070002) has occurred while running the setup.
Error Code: -5001 : 0x80070002
Error Information:
>SetupNew\setup.cpp (142)
@Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 0 (9200)
IE Version: 9.11.14393.0

Biep commented on 10/10/2016 06:44 Reply
HI, please follow activation instructions stated at http://www.giveaway-club.com/afterdownload - there you will see a link http://www.reallusion.com/event/iClone5std/giveawayclub.aspx please login or register to get your product license key and program download links. Thank you!
Giveaway club team commented on 10/10/2016 07:01
This simply wont run past the error on W10.
Textgeni commented on 10/10/2016 05:41 Reply
allsop1 commented on 10/10/2016 02:46 Reply
same problem here when trying to install
Error Code: -5001 : 0x80070002
Error Information:
>SetupNew\setup.cpp (142)
@Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 0 (9200)
IE Version: 9.11.14393.0
not sure commented on 10/10/2016 00:31 Reply
Error Code: -5001 : 0x80070002
Error Information:
>SetupNew\setup.cpp (142)
@Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 0 (9200)
IE Version: 9.11.14931.0
pravin commented on 10/09/2016 19:02 Reply
The program would not install in both Win 8 and 10, not normally, not as administrator, and not in any compatibility mode. Same type of error as Quill Pen below. So while I was very interested in trying this, I give up to.
EJR commented on 10/09/2016 18:11 Reply
The download link on this website is corrupt. Download it from their official link:

Their website also has these links, although I do not believe they are important.
fdsdfdfsdds commented on 10/09/2016 17:31 Reply
The second link (IC5_Enu_Resource_Pack.exe) is important - program (after installation) says thet it is for "more full" functions (it wants to download and install it ...).

Your last link - I do not know (at now).

Vlajano commented on 10/10/2016 12:41
Yes - that did it. Thanks!
After installing, you are encouraged to install the Resource Pack too.
Biep commented on 10/10/2016 15:45
Sorry but I never received an activation key from your giveaway for IClone 3d animation software
Jacques Dubreuil commented on 10/09/2016 15:15 Reply
People i got an error too,then i went to the website and downloaded a 478 meg file and that worked
Eric J commented on 10/09/2016 14:43 Reply
ERROR X80070002

Dr Fahmy commented on 10/09/2016 14:42 Reply
I ended installation now (original soft from the official website - after registration (!) - as I already wrote here) and all is OK.

But - program says: - for Win XP ---> Win 8 (!!) - I have Win_7 64_bit.

Vlajano commented on 10/09/2016 14:34 Reply
Having the same problem as "Quill Pen" posted relating to a new install error. Here are the details:
Error Code: -5001 : 0x80070002
Error Information:
>SetupNew\setup.cpp (142)
@Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (7601)
IE Version: 9.0.8112.16421
Please advise!!!.
MCMXLVII commented on 10/09/2016 13:15 Reply
The archive's header is corrupt.Downloaded it twice and getting the same error code. Will not install or extract the archive fully.

Jankern757 commented on 10/09/2016 09:49 Reply
I never could get Reallusion's CrazyTalk to run (offered some months back), and now I get a cryptic error message during the install for this program - Error Code: -5001 : 0x80070002
Error Information:
>SetupNew\setup.cpp (142)
So, as much as it pains me to say, I'm giving up on enjoying what looks to be two really useful animation tools.
Quill Pen commented on 10/09/2016 07:22 Reply
@Quill Pen:Instructions: http://www.reallusion.com/event/iClone5std/giveawayclub.aspx
Follow the instructions to register the member, after this simply click on the "Login Now" button to get your personal serial number.
K....D.... commented on 10/09/2016 13:14
I recommend doing register first (!).

You get there also a download link(s) to download this program.

But it is almost by 150 megabytes larger (!!) than the one from this site (it is original from the official website).

Maybe it help You.

Vlajano commented on 10/09/2016 13:19
Downloaded setup file from their website. I think it's working.
I recieved same error as you did on giveawayclub exe
johnson commented on 10/09/2016 14:44
i also get an error
evilbudz commented on 10/10/2016 00:13
Me too I found the same problem with the installer from Giveaway Club, don't use it. Go to Reallusion site (http://www.reallusion.com/event/iClone5std/giveawayclub.aspx ), and there you'll receive the key and 3 download links: one for the program installer, and the two other links for additional packs. P.S.: you'll receive the same information by email, obviously after registering on the site and entering your email address. So download these installers to install the program and the additional packs, and register with the given key.
reussiteoisillon commented on 10/10/2016 05:14
See more
Never thought it could be so hard to register and find out serial key

[+] Pros

Screenshoots of the program

[-] Cons

Download and registration and getting serial key

Rui reviewed the product on 10/10/2016 13:22
awdawde a

[+] Pros

ad awd a

[-] Cons

awd adws

awd reviewed the product on 10/09/2016 16:39